Why water is magical

e all know the benefits; it’s great for your skin, it helps you concentrate, it flushes out toxins, etc etc. But do we really drink enough water? For many, many years, I certainly didn’t. First of all, I really dislike the taste of water – always have done, probably always will. I have never understood how some people argue it has no taste! I’m so fussy about it, I even have preferred taps in the house.

Around four months ago, however, after reading Khloé Kardashian’s book and hearing her rave about this simple yet apparently magical liquid – I decided to test things out for myself. I downloaded the app ‘water log’, which is a really simple yet effective way to keep track of what you’re drinking. I set my daily target to 1.5 litres, after researching how much someone my size should have (1.5 litres of ‘pure water’, that is – not including tea, coffee etc). I was sceptical, because after all, I’d lived the rest of my life drinking literally no pure water at all, and I’d managed. It took a while for me to notice any difference, but after four months of drinking the right amount per day, here are a few things I’ve noticed. Some are probably what you would expect, but a few came as a surprise to me:

  1. Concentration. This has improved leaps and bounds. A ton of factors have meant I’ve always had real issues with concentration and focus. I’ve been a sufferer of ‘brain fog’ for as long as I can remember. It’s a very hard thing to explain, but if you know, you know. It suddenly feels as though that cloud has been lifted and I can see things much clearer. I’m convinced it’s the water, as well as a healthier diet that has done this. Nowadays, when I don’t drink enough or whenever I eat something really unhealthy, I feel that brain fog creeping back.

  2. Skin. My skin is definitely a lot brighter now and my skin tone seems more even. I still have spots but I think I probably always will do, mainly due to the fact that I have a bad habit of touching my face when I’m anxious. Nonetheless, my skin still looks so much healthier.

  3. Stomach. I’m actually shocked by how much flatter my stomach is! Granted, some of this will be down to exercising a lot more, and more recently the teatox I’ve been doing, but I feel so much less sluggish and tired now. I’ve also always been prone to terrible stomach aches that seemed to extend right from my stomach up to my chest, and the frequency of these has reduced massively.

  4. Energy. My energy levels have peaked! I’ve always been a person with very little energy, constantly feeling groggy and exhausted. Now I feel so motivated and have enough energy to go about the day and achieve everything I want to, without feeling drained or needing a nap.

  5. Thirst. This is a change I didn’t expect. I never realised in the past, but I hardly ever felt thirsty. I honestly think this is because my body got so used to running with very little hydration. Since drinking so much more water, my body has actually started telling me when I haven’t drank enough, which I think shows how important it becomes once you’re in the habit.

  6. Hangovers. They are so much less severe. No need to explain, but for someone who likes a beverage or two like I do, it’s amazing.

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