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Reading is a pastime I’ve only really fallen in love with in the past year or so. I would say my favourite genre is quite specific; books which are not necessarily self-help, but that still inspire me to improve myself, or that simply offer a positive outlook on life. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • ‘Confessions of a conjuror’ and ‘Tricks of the mind’, both by Derren Brown. Two or three years ago, Derren Brown’s stage show ‘Infamous’ left me both confused as hell (as you would expect), but also, to my surprise, absolutely uplifted and inspired. His ability to entwine classic ‘magic tricks’ with such inspiring philosophy had me hooked, and I immediately ordered these two books. ‘Confession of a conjuror’ is an autobiography, and without a doubt Derren’s personality is projected directly onto the pages; the fact that the book is so in depth and at times hard to follow is what makes it so special. Despite being absolutely jam-packed with wisdom, this is also the only book that has ever made me laugh out loud. A genius mix of deep thoughts, comedy and personality. ‘Tricks of the mind’ is similarly witty, but focuses more on hypnosis, communication and ‘thinking traps’. The last part of this book completely made me rethink my own though processes, and absolutely for the better. Once I finish the book I’m currently reading, I will be making a start on Derren Brown’s newest book, ‘Happy’, which I don’t doubt will be equally inspiring.

Favourite quote: “Each of us is leading a difficult life, and when we meet people we are seeing only a tiny part of the thinnest veneer of there complex, troubled existences. To practice anything but kindness towards them, to treat them in any way save generously, is to quietly deny their humanity.” – Confessions of a conjuror.

  • ‘Staying strong 365 days a year’ by Demi Lovato. This is a book that I haven’t actually picked up in a while, which is probably because I know it off by heart by now! This was the first inspirational book I ever bought, when I was in a very dark place. This book guided me through that period of time and for that it will always have a special place in my heart. Each page consists of the date, a quote, Demi’s thoughts on the quote and a goal for the day. ‘Staying strong’ was written after Demi’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and she is clearly wise beyond her years. I always folded the corners of my favourite pages, but at this point almost all of them are folded. This is probably because every page is without a doubt relevant to all of us at different points in our lives.

Favourite quote: “The pain always passes, but the beauty that comes from your transformation will last forever.”

  • ‘Beautiful’ by Katie Piper. This book is truly incredible. Documenting the physical and mental trauma in the aftermath of a horrendous attack, and Katie’s journey which led her to become the beautiful woman she is today, this book is so moving. It really demonstrates how it is possible to get through anything. Katie has since wrote more books, which I definitely plan on investing in.

Favourite quote: “I’d learned that kindness and love are the most wonderful things of all, and from that moment on I knew my life was going to be beautiful, in every single way.”

  • ‘Strong looks better naked’ by Khloé
    It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all the Kardashian women, but Khloé in particular motivates me to be the best person I can be. Her book is incredible. Split into three sections – ‘mind’, ‘body’, and ‘heart’, it just about covers everything. This is by far the most motivational book I have ever read, and I credit reading it as a true turning point for me. It helped me realise the huge relation between mind, body and soul. I 100% wouldn’t have began my fitness journey without it, either. If you are in need of some serious motivation, or want a book to generally make you feel sassy AF, then this is the read for you.

Favourite quote: “If you’re doing it to make yourself happy, you’ll succeed. Success is a choice.”

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