Why you shoudn’t be afraid to be a ‘basic bitch’ this Halloween

I swear society is becoming a game in which nobody can win; there always seems to be a reason to drag a person down. This is especially true for women. If you dress conservatively, you’re a prude, but if you show ‘too much’ skin you’re a slut, for example. One thing that really confuses me, though, is a fear of judgement that seems to have arisen only in the past couple of years – the fear of being basic.

Basic. What does that even mean, and how can a person ever be basic? Basic is a word you use to describe something simple yet functional, like a Sainsbury’s basics bag of potatoes. Not a human being, complete with a lifetime of memories, a totally unique personality and a complex spectrum of emotions. No matter what a person likes or dislikes, how can that ever be basic?

The concept of being basic revolves around a person liking or doing things that other people also like or do. But what about the revolutionary idea that the reason a lot of people like something is because, I don’t know, it’s good? Furthermore, why is it assumed that someone is either basic or they’re not? I know personally, I like some things that would be considered basic, and I like some things that wouldn’t. Music is a prime example of this divide; why does it have to be that somebody either likes pop music or they like indie music. And God forbid anyone who primarily likes pop music states that they love an indie tune – what a try hard! On the flipside, I know more than a few people who mainly listen to indie music who wait until they’re drunk at 3am to shamefully whisper ‘I actually kinda like Taylor Swift’, as though they’re admitting to cheating on their boyfriend. Why does society make people feel like this? Why can’t all of us wonderful, one of a kind people just like whatever the hell we want, without being judged? Surely this is way more interesting than feeling the need to fit a certain ‘category’, constantly fearing the judgement and scrutiny that comes if you dare avert from what you traditionally enjoy.

How about everybody just listens to, and wears and enjoys whatever they damn want – you owe nobody an explanation. I am a basic bitch through and through, and I’ll never be afraid to admit it. I’m proud of everyone who likes whatever the hell they want just because they like it. Don’t ever feel constricted by all the weird boundaries that society cages us in. So to all my sexy cats, bunnies and schoolgirls out there this Halloween, I salute you. Get out there and don’t be afraid to flaunt all of your wonderful basicness. I certainly will be!

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