25 ways to be your own Valentine

As a long-term single woman, Valentine’s Day can feel like a bit of a punch in the face. Don’t get me wrong, I like to think of myself as a happy, strong and independent woman but hey, we’re all human and I have no problem admitting that Valentine’s Day does truly have the potential to, well, suck. Luckily, the strong independent woman I try to be has thought of a great solution to this and decided that this year, I’m going to be my own Valentine. I definitely took inspiration from that woman who decided to marry herself, I’m just doing things on a less permanent scale. So for every fabulously single person out there, here are 30 ideas to spoil yourself with this Valentine’s Day!


  1. Treat yourself to your favourite meal (for me, this is probably a McDonalds if I’m totally honest), but that’s ok.
  2. Take a mega relaxing bath (I’m talking candles, bath bombs, a glass of your favourite wine and even rose petals if you heart so desires.)
  3. Start reading a new book.
  4. Cook a meal for yourself, or you and a friend/family member.
  5. Write down all the reasons you love being single.
  6. Go on a long dog walk.
  7. Visit a spa.
  8. Go to the gym (there’s nothing like endorphins to make you feel like a queen.)
  9. Make a start on that big idea you’ve been toying with.
  10. Take yourself on a date.
  11. Stay off social media for the day.
  12. Make a start on kicking a bad habit.
  13. List 10 reasons why you don’t need a partner.
  14. Make an empowering playlist that makes you feel strong.
  15. Declutter (one of the most therapeutic things ever).
  16. Buy some new stationary (undoubtedly the best kind of purchase).
  17. Have a movie night with a friend or family member.
  18. A bit of retail therapy is rarely a bad idea.
  19. Make a Pinterest board full of empowering quotes.
  20. Come up with your 5 year plan.
  21. Make a folder of recipes to try.
  22. Do something creative.
  23. List all the things you love about yourself.
  24. Do a homemade face or hair mask.
  25. Practice some yoga.

Above all else, remember that you are amazing and most importantly, that your amazing-ness is not and never will be defined by your relationship status!

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