Avène sensitive skincare review

Most of you will know by now that I have a keen interest in all things skincare. There’s just something so therapeutic about taking a bit of time to yourself, simply to give your skin some love and get it feeling glowing and healthy. As is true for many people out there, my skin post-puberty has unfortunately always been a bit of a problem area. During my teenage years, I developed very dry, sensitive skin as well as breakouts of Seborrheic Dermatitis (a condition which causes red, scaly patches of skin and itchiness) on my face, neck and scalp. As I’m sure anyone with very sensitive skin will understand, finding the right skincare products can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. The cycle of forking out loads of money on a product, just to find it actually makes your skin worse, and being back to square one can be super defeating.


But guys, I have found an absolute MIRACLE! Scrolling through the Boots website one day last month, I stumbled across Eau Thermale Avène skincare. After weighing up tons of different products I finally settled on Avène’s Sensitive Skin Saviour Kit; free of fragrance, parabens, colouring agents and alcohol, it appeared to tick all the boxes. I had, however, been in this situation tons of times before. Products that claim to be great for sensitive skin and free of allsorts, 90% of the time just don’t cut it for my skin, so I didn’t dare get my hopes up. On top of that, at only £20 for a 3 step skincare system (I was used to paying around £45 just for 2 items), I’ll admit I was sceptical; could something of such great value really work as well as it claimed?


The answer is, for once, a big fat YES! I genuinely cannot believe how gentle yet effective these products are. The cleanser is incredible; unlike so many other products that claim to be for ‘sensitive skin’, it feels like literally having water on your face. It doesn’t smell of anything, and doesn’t sting even in the eye area, yet takes off makeup and thoroughly cleanses like an absolute dream – I really have no idea how it’s even possible. From the first time I used the cleanser I was hooked, but from there it’s gets even better. The second step, Avène Thermal Water Spray feels so soothing on the skin after cleansing, and the Skin Recovery Cream just tops it all off. It’s not too heavy and therefore works great as either a day or night cream (I like to use it at night), and again, is not at all irritating.


With these products, my skincare routine has truly become a pleasure, and my skin has never looked and felt more nourished. It’s such a huge relief to have finally found a product that my skin is happy with, after years of frustration, expense and often awful results. The cherry on top, though, is the value for money. Avène products are so reasonably priced; I would happily expect to pay double what I did for the results I’m getting. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, I would wholeheartedly recommend this brand, which has changed up my skincare rituals for the absolute better! Head over to their website here for more information!


My skin (makeup free) since using Avène products pictured below. I really am so pleased with the results, my skin tone looks so much more even, bright and most importantly, healthy for the first time in forever!

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