My favourite body confidence boosting Instagrammers

It’s often assumed that social media is detrimental to body-confidence, and although in a lot of instances this may be true, I think to tar all aspects of social media with the same brush is unfair. In my opinion, and also judging by my survey responses so far, social media can actually boost our body-confidence and self-esteem. Personally, I actually find my Instagram feed is a place of acceptance, where I can see post after post full of different body types, inspiring captions and strong women! It’s actually less about social media as a whole, and more about who you follow that can make or break a platform. I thought today I would go through my entire following list and pick out the 5 accounts/people I find the most inspiring and helpful when it comes to adopting a positive body image. I would highly recommend giving all of these girls a follow for a real self-confidence boost!



This beautiful woman is absolutely NOT about that diet culture and I love her for that! If you’re all for throwing away the scales, eating delicious food, and looking after your body and mind, give this gal a follow. Expect plenty of INCREDIBLE booty pics and just as many motivational captions.


I seriously cannot believe this woman is only 18! I was honestly absolutely shook when I found this out, as she is so wise beyond her years. Follow Abigail for a heap of FIRE pictures, as well as super inspiring captions covering a whole host of important topics such as mental health, breast reduction, body positivity, scars and rape culture. Her account is one of my absolute favourites; I love her honesty and passion.



I absolutely love this girl and her account has really helped me personally. Like a lot of girls, I have hip dips, and in the past they had sometimes made me feel self-conscious. Nelly is a fashion, body confidence and lingerie blogger and absolutely OWNS her hip dips. She taught me that they are normal, sexy and a unique and beautiful part of us. Nowadays I am really in love with my hip dips and this is totally thanks to this amazing woman! Also worth a follow for serious lingerie goals!



If you haven’t heard of Iskra Lawrence by now you quite frankly must’ve been living under a rock! Iskra is the ultimate body confidence ambassador and has a feed that’s bound to make you rethink your approach to health and fitness. Her inspirational captions are all about loving your body the way it is, and treating your body well because it makes you feel good and strong, rather than solely for aesthetic goals. Iskra’s approach to health and fitness is super refreshing and her feed never fails to leave me feeling good about myself.



Paige is a hugely inspiring young woman. Her Instagram account has brought together a whole community of women who have had, or who are going through preventative mastectomies. What I love most about Paige is her honesty and realness; she is using her own experiences to help take the fear and questions out of the process for others. Both Paige and her ‘Breasties’ are such strong women, and are doing an amazing job in helping others through an experience that I can only imagine is incredibly scary. Paige is the definition of a strong, empowering woman, and her positivity and honesty is infectious.


It was SO hard for me to pick out just 5 Instagrammers who help me feel more body confident, but it would’ve taken me soooo long to talk about all the inspiring people I follow! Here are a few other amazing girlies to follow if you’re looking for some serious self-love vibes:










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