5 packing hacks for your next holiday

Someone who has a phobia of flying is probably the last person you’d expect to see writing about holiday packing tips. A useful combination of childhood holidays and more recent trips closer to home, however, have allowed me to nevertheless become a bit of a packing wiz (or so I like to think, anyway). Organisation is definitely one of my favourite things to write about and we all know I love a good list, so without further ado, here are my ultimate 5 packing hacks to make preparing for your next holiday a breeze.


  1. Make a list. Granted, this one is kind of stating the obvious, but I’m a strong believer that not all lists are made equal! The key here is to make a useful list. The first thing you need to do is to split everything into categories. Your categories can be whatever you want, but the ones I tend to use are ‘clothes’, ‘toiletries’ and ‘other’. This is really helpful as it makes starting your list less overwhelming; you can think about just one category at a time rather than having everything spinning around in your head at once, which could in turn make you miss things off. Furthermore, when it comes to actually doing the packing, you can again focus on one section at a time instead of running back and forth getting a load of different things. A good list is the foundation of any productive packing session.
  2. Match up you outfits beforehand. Ever been on a holiday thinking you’d packed all your best clothes, only to end up realising that nothing actually goes together once you get there? I can’t even begin to count the amount of times this has happened to me, and it’s so frustrating. When deciding what clothes to take, steer away from thinking ‘I need this many tops and this many bottoms’ without actually considering what they look like together. Instead, take a few minutes to plan outfits. If you’re going away for 7 days, plan 7 outfits (or maybe a few more if you’re going out at night etc). This method has the added bonus of helping you save space – if your outfit for one day is a dress you will realise you don’t actually need ‘7 tops and 7 bottoms’. I’ve literally just freed up loads of space in my suitcase for a trip I’m going on soon, simply by having a little think about my outfits as a whole rather than as separate items.
  3. Mini bottles and tubs. When it comes to toiletries, invest in some mini bottles to fill up with whatever you want to take. You can get them super cheap and they’re great for space saving. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find your toiletry bag is full to bursting with all your lotions and potions even once they’re transferred into smaller bottles, so it’s definitely a wise idea! Make sure to label them, though, to avoid any shampooing with conditioner and conditioning with shampoo mishaps. Travel bottles are great, but if your toiletry bag resembles a lucky dip by the time you’re finished, it kind of defeats the object of organising in the first place.
  4. Level up your ticking method. As you’re actually packing, come up with a method for ticking off your list. For me, I generally only tick the item once it is literally in the case. If you’re piling stuff on your bed beforehand, for example, just put a dot next to it, and then tick once it’s in the case. This eliminates the possibility of getting something ready to pack but not actually putting it in the bag, which I have definitely been guilty of in the past. Once I’ve finished packing, I usually tend to scrawl down a separate little list of bits I’m packing on the day I go, such as things to go in my handbag.
  5. Use space saving tricks. If you’re high maintenance AF like me, you’re gonna need space saving tricks. The old classic ‘socks in shoes’ method is always a winner. Pairing up you socks and stuffing them inside your shoes kills two birds with one stone; you make more space where your socks would’ve gone otherwise, and it also prevents your shoes from becoming flattened. The same trick can be used with handbags. Also, make sure to take some time making sure your clothes are folded well, which will save space and prevent you from having to iron when you arrive. I personally find that the best method is to fold everything into small squares and then instead of laying items on top of one another, stand them up on their sides (I also use this technique in my clothes drawers). Standing your clothes up not only saves space, but prevents them from pressing down on other things, which would inevitably result in creases.


Whether you love it or hate it, hopefully some of these little ticks might make your future suitcase packing experiences more positive and productive. This week’s post has been short and sweet, as I now need to stop writing about packing and start actually packing for my own trip away! Because of said trip, I won’t be doing a blog post next week, but will be right back with a new one the week after that.

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