How I Reset and Prepare for a New Month

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With this month coming to an end, I thought I’d share how I like to prepare for a new month. I have a lot of little rituals that help me feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new period in my life, whether that be a day, week, month or year.

Here are 5 of the ways I prepare for a brand new month:

  1. Reflect on the month that’s ending and set goals for the upcoming one. This is one of my favourites. There’s nothing better than looking back at what you’ve achieved during a month, and I’m a bit of a sucker for goal setting. I tend to set a few personal goals each month as well as a few professional goals (whether that be uni or blogging related) using my Happiness Planner.
  2. Clear and organise my email inbox. I can’t stand a cluttered inbox, which has been especially bad around Black Friday! I generally keep a decent tab on my emails and don’t let it get too crazy, but it’s surprising how quickly you end up accumulating emails from companies you didn’t even realised you subscribed to. The end of a month is a great time to go through all your junk emails and not only delete them, but unsubscribe before it starts getting too much to keep track of.
  3. Sort out photos and apps on my phone. Having always had phones with smaller amounts of memory this is a lifesaver! How annoying is that little ‘memory full’ popup when you’re just ready to take the perfect photo. And can you just delete one to make room for another? Of COURSE you can’t! Save the “just hold that pose a minute whilst I delete 100 of my precious photos to make way for this one”, and have a good old cleanse on photos, music or apps that may be taking up storage which could be put to better use.
  4. Clean my makeup brushes. I love my skincare, but let’s be honest people, our makeup brushes are very easy to neglect. It’s a pain in the arse having to clean them; planning it around a time when you’re not going to need them for 24 hours so they can dry properly. I also HATE the texture of wet makeup brushes and sponges, it literally gives me goosebumps so this doesn’t help matters! But hey, needs must. After a bit of research I found that once a month is generally enough for washing makeup brushes (maybe a bit more if you wear it everyday). By committing to doing it at the start of each month, I can’t forget as easily. This rule can be applied to anything you need to do monthly.
  5. Get back on track with any healthy habits I’ve let slip. In the past, especially near the end of the year I had a bad habit of thinking “I’ll start next year”. Seriously, though, if we only have one opportunity each year to make changes, how far are we going to get? I am someone who likes the idea of symbolic ‘fresh starts’, so I’ve kind of evolved to treat everything as one. Each new day, week and month is a chance to reset and start again. If, for example, my sleeping, skincare or physio stretches (my worst vice) have started slipping in the past month, I always make a good effort to get these back on track.

I can’t believe this is my last post of November and that a month today it will be boxing day – honestly where has 2018 gone?! I’m so looking forward to my December blog posts – expect lots of Christmas and New Year related content! Also big thank yous to everyone who completed my survey last week – your responses have been so helpful and are definitely influencing my content planning.

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