The Happiness Planner Review

Two Happiness Planners on a desk

Chances are you’ve seen a fair few Happiness Planners featured in the sleek, aesthetic flatlays of Instagram. Last year, I couldn’t help but indulge. As a bit of a sucker for organisation, I was SO excited to have one to call my own; this was undoubtedly a tool for the most elite of planner nerds.

Despite the shocked reactions when I inform people I gladly pay almost £50 for my planners, I will continue to insist this is the best money I spend all year.

The Happiness Planner changed my whole perspective on life. Granted, a planner in itself cannot change things for you, but it can inspire you to do it for yourself on the daily.

Just how can a planner do this, you may ask?

So let’s go over everything the Happiness Planner has to offer. It all starts with your ‘happiness roadmap’. This is a section of the planner designed to be completed either at the end of the previous year, or right at the start of the new year. It contains a whole load of exercises to help you reflect on both your life so far and the year passed, and also to plan for the upcoming one.

At the beginning of each month, you have a chance to plan and set both personal and professional goals, as well as to think about what you’re looking forward to in the new month. At the end of the month, there’s a reflection page on which you can rate things like your happiness, energy and productivity. It also allows you to summarise the month, show gratitude and decided what you’d like to improve in the next one. I love doing this – it’s such a nice way to draw each month to a close and start a fresh.

Each month contains both a calendar view, which I use to pencil in big events/things to remember/appointments. I also plan my blog posts using this page, so I can quickly see what my blog’s month is going to look like.

There are also daily pages, which encourage you to write what you’re excited about and set a main focus. On these pages, there’s also a section to plan your meals and exercise which is super useful, as well as a to-do list, schedule and a space to reflect on the day.

At the end of the planner, there’s a whole section dedicated to reviewing and reflecting on the year, including identifying new skills you learnt, things you enjoyed and how you overcame negative events.

Your Happiness Planner comes with a load a freebies, too! The box (which is pretty beautiful) contains a variety of printables, a pen and various paper clips. The planner itself comes in a cute little drawstring bag, too. If you’re all about the aesthetics like me, this is definitely the planner for you.

The Happiness Planner has helped me totally reset my priorities and whole perspective on life. 2018 has undoubtedly been my most successful year yet, and I credit a lot of that to having this awesome planner by my side. All my fellow planner nerds out there need to get their hands on one; there really is no other that compares. For more information, head over to the Happiness Planner website!

Happy Christmas Eve – I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas!

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