Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day can absolutely suck.

As much as I am happy being single and pretty confident in myself (have my moments but hey, who doesn’t?), Valentine’s Day definitely gets me down a bit.

Seeing nothing but happy couples and cute social media posts can leave even the most happily single person there is feeling a bit lonely and down in the dumps.

My favourite way of combating these negative feelings is to spin things around and look at Valentine’s Day from a different perspective.

Instead of focusing on what I’m missing out on, I think about what I can do to treat myself. Because us singles deserve some love just as much as all the couples out there!

Next time you find yourself feeling down about Valentine’s Day, try planning everything you’re going to do for yourself. Because self-love is the best kind of love out there.

It can be anything that’ll make you happy. A pamper night could be amazing, for example, or buying a new outfit you’ll feel amazing in, going for a meal with your friends or sitting in a cosy coffee shop with a hot chocolate and a good book.

You could even treat your damn self to some new lingerie (which I have already done, obviously.)

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a chance to celebrate love in general, rather than just couples. Spend time with your best friends, or spend it enjoying some time to yourself doing whatever you love (or just giving yourself permission to chill!)

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to show yourself the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day, here are just a few:

  • Do a homemade face mask for your skin type
  • Watch Netflix all day in your PJs
  • Order your favourite takeaway
  • Cook your favourite recipe (or learn a new one)
  • Have a girls’ night in
  • Get your nails done or do your own
  • Have your hair done
  • Treat yourself to some retail therapy
  • Try a new makeup look
  • Read a good book
  • Buy yourself some flowers or fancy chocolates (you know what you like better than anyone else anyway!)

Most of all, remember that although being single on Valentine’s Day can be a bit shit, it doesn’t mean you’re not loved or that you’re not allowed to celebrate the day!

So to all my fellow singles out there, get thinking about what you can do to show yourself some much deserved love this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, have a read of my 25 ways to be Your own Valentine post!

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