My Cruelty-Free Makeup Faves

Cruelty-free makeup

In recent years, the beauty industry has changed massively. When I was a kid, shopping for beauty products meant nipping to Superdrug and grabbing some Dream Matte Mousse in whatever colour was 10 shades darker than your own.

But the narrative is shifting; in 2019, we want to know what is in the products we put on our skin and importantly, many of us are deciding to make our beauty routines cruelty-free.

Personally, I’m still very much in the transition stage. Due to having a lot of my old products still in use, my makeup routine is far from cruelty-free at present, but I’m making a conscious effort to keep my new buys as ethical as possible.

Figuring out which brands are truly cruelty free and actually finding products you love in a much smaller pool can feel daunting af. Luckily, I’ve managed to find a few little gems that have already become staples in my routine.

Here are just a few of my faves so far:

  1. NYX Cosmetics ‘Worth the Hype’ mascara. This product LIVES UP TO ITS NAME. I’ve definitely started with my favourite of them all here. This mascara is not only the best cruelty-free mascara I’ve ever used, but is by miles the best one ever (and I’ve tried a FEW). Mascara is a product I’m quite fussy about – I like my lashes to look super lengthened but with not too much extra volume. I have quite a lot of lower lashes, so a mascara that’s too ‘volumisey’ can easily leave them looking really clumpy. Worth the Hype does exactly what I want it to and the brush is really good quality. Even better, this mascara is only £9!! Before I tried this one, I was using the famous Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ mascara, which I liked but didn’t love. Worth the Hype honestly tramples over its much more costly competition.
  2. Makeup Revolution ‘Conceal and Define’ foundation. Let me tell you, I was absolutely SHOOK by this foundation. It’s goes far above and beyond what I’d expect from a product with such a reasonable price tag (£9). Anybody who loves full coverage foundation will absolutely love this – when my acne was at its worst, it was a lifesaver. Interestingly, I recently tried the NYX ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ foundation which I’d been wanting to try for ages, and I was honestly underwhelmed. I will 100% be going back to Conceal and Define when I run out – the coverage is so smooth and creates an incredible clean base for the rest of your makeup. Just for reference, I have combination skin (some dry and some oily areas) and I use shade 0.1.
  3. Makeup Revolution ‘Hyaluronic Fixing Spray’. As I mentioned before, I think my skin is technically combination, but it falls more on the dry side of the spectrum. My main issue with makeup tends to be it becoming cracked and flaky throughout the day. This setting spray is my absolute saviour – you can feel the moisturising effect as soon as it goes on and it really does a great job of locking your makeup for the day. It’s absolutely amazing in combination with the Conceal and Define foundation.
  4. Morphe eyeshadow palettes. Ok, this is a controversial one. I’m not 100% sure on Morphe’s cruelty-free status (please educate me). The company themselves do claim to be cruelty-free, but I think there is some disagreement over Morphe having factories in China, where animal testing is often required by law. However, assuming that the company is cruelty-free, their eyeshadow palettes are an absolute go-to for me. Although they are slightly pricey, for the number and quality of colours, I think they’re actually really reasonable. The colours are so beautiful and pigmented and since realising the huge difference between high and low quality eyeshadows I wouldn’t ever go back! I’m currently a proud owner of the 35M and 35W palettes.
  5. Sleek Lifeproof Concealer. Sleek is very much an up-and-coming high street beauty brand, and after seeing this concealer getting a lot of praise amongst beauty gurus, I was eager to give it a try. It’s definitely worth the hype! The coverage is great, the formula isn’t too drying for my skin type and again, it works great with the Conceal and Define foundation. I also gave the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer a try and I must say I do much prefer it to it’s sister foundation.
  6. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. Another one made famous by the beauty gurus. I absolutely LOVE lip plumping (I would definitely have fillers if it weren’t for the cost/needles), so I was super excited to try this and OMG, it lives up to its name! I tend to use it on top of my lipstick or after using my lip plumping cup for a more naturally voluptuous look. The results are incredible but it does sometimes sting a little bit so if you’re not down for that, definitely give this one a miss!

Do you have any cruelty-free makeup faves? Please let me know, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

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