How to get the Most from Your Sunday

Sunday organisation flatlay

I don’t know about you but dreading/hating Sunday became routine pretty early on in life. Growing up it’s, the day before going back to school and if you work Monday to Friday or stay in education, it’s kind of the same story. Sundays can suck, but they don’t have to!

Since moving back to uni I’ve started switching things up a bit and making my Sundays more productive, whilst also allocating time to rest and recharge. Here are a few things I like to do on a Sunday to set myself up for a great, productive week.

  1. Clean my room. There’s honestly nothing better than a big Sunday clean. You literally cannot beat the feeling of climbing into fresh bedsheets on a Sunday night, and your environment feeling polished and ready for the week.
  2. Plan the week ahead. I love planning and really believe in the powers of organisation. Every Sunday I will check what I have on at uni during the week and write this in my Happiness Planner, along with any appointments or social activities, so I can plan work around all my commitments without any nasty surprises.
  3. Make an effort with self-care. I’m a HUGE advocate of #selfcaresunday! We all know that traditionally, Sunday is the day of rest, and I think it’s great to make the most of this. Typically for me, this involves doing some extra skincare (a scrub and serum), and taking time out to watch something, read a book or meditate absolutely guilt-free.
  4. Track your spendings. I know a lot of people nowadays have budgeting apps – if you do, this probably won’t apply. Personally, I’m a huge advocate of the humble spreadsheet. I’ve got into the habit of working out a hugely complicated budget for the year before I arrive at uni, taking absolutely everything into account. This spreadsheet will provide me with a weekly budget and each week, I write down in my phone’s notes section every single thing I spend. My job on Sunday is simply to add my week’s spendings up in another spreadsheet to make sure I am on track with my budget. I definitely need to write a blog post on how to make your own budgeting spreadsheet because I’m not gonna lie, my method is absolutely BOMB.
  5. Catch up on any tasks that are hanging over you. For me, this tends to be lecture notes I need to write up but have been putting off, or reading I need to do. You know the things that don’t really have a deadline, so always seem to be at the bottom of your list of priorities despite the fact they still need to be done at ‘some point’. Just get them done on Sunday and start with a clean slate for the new week.

To me, Sunday is all about getting that balance of relaxation/pampering and setting myself up to be excited for the coming week.

I also want to link this video by Grace Beverley as I absolutely loved watching it. In fact it’s actually the thing that initially inspired me to start making my Sundays more positive! Well worth a watch!

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