10 Admin Tasks to Keep you Busy During Lockdown

I don’t know about anyone else but it’s seven weeks into lockdown and I’m starting to feel like a little bit antsy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful that this is all I’ve really got to worry about it the current situation. Nevertheless, I don’t think it hurts to figure out some ways to ease the boredom a bit! I’ve got bits of Uni work left, but apart from that I have been a little bit at a loss. Recently, though, I came up with an idea – why not sort out some of those little admin tasks that I always think about doing, but never seem to get time for? You know the ones.

With a lot of uncertainty about when we will be back to work and how the lockdown is going to be relaxed (or not), why not give your life and headspace a bit of a spring clean by getting a few of those pesky little tasks out of the way. Here are a few examples and ideas in case you’re in need of a little inspiration:

  • Go through your social media and unfollow any accounts that don’t have a positive influence on you.
  • Clear out your phone gallery and arrange your photos into folders.
  • Clear out your email inbox and arrange emails into category folders.
  • Sort out any piles/folders of paperwork and throw away anything out of date.
  • Sort your apps into category folders and delete any you no longer use.
  • Clear out an entire cupboard/drawer/room of your house.
  • Sort Uni work neatly into a folder.
  • Clear out your wardrobe.
  • Sort your music into playlists for different moods/occasions/genres.
  • Update your planner/calendar for the month/few months ahead.

I think little admin-type tasks are actually a really great thing to do during lockdown. They require very little mental energy, which is excellent if you’re feeling stressed (something many of us are quite understandably struggling with right now). Despite this, these tasks are still incredibly useful and worthwhile. It’s definitely a good way to feel like you’re achieving something without having to think about anything too much. Personally, I love doing these sorts of tasks simply as a distractor from the anxiety I am feeling around the current situation.

Let me know if you try any of these out, and also if you have any other ideas – I’m always looking for new things to keep me busy.

Stay indoors, stay safe and get sorting!

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