Big Boobie Bikinis: My Two Favourite Brands!

I love bikini season/hot girl summer as much as anyone else, but, as I’m sure many gals can relate to, shopping for bikinis when you’re well-endowed in the boob department can be a bit of a challenge (to say the least). Finding a bikini that’s comfortable and supportive enough can feel like a minefield.

Now, I’m NO expert in this department, mainly because I’m a broke student who can’t afford to try out tonnes of bikinis, but I have managed to find two brands that I love and would definitely go back to. The first is incredible for support you can rely on, and the second on the fashion front.

So without further ado, here are my absolute fave swimwear brands!

1. ASOS Fuller Bust

If I had to choose a ride-or-die swimwear brand, it would probably have to be ASOS fuller bust. They stock such a good range of styles in sizes up to a GG cup, so you can find something you ACTUALLY LIKE (a novelty for us DD+ peeps)!

The best thing about ASOS fuller bust bikinis is that many of the tops are underwired and actually provide a really good amount of support. I’ve had a few different items from this range in the past, but these are the two I have currently and absolutely love:

This is probably my favourite bikini ever – it’s underwired and sooo supportive, and I absolutely love the high leg bottoms. I think overall it’s such a flattering look!

Top size: 34F
Bottom size: 12

I’ve also just rediscovered this swimsuit and forgot how much I loved it! It’s roomy and comfortable in the chest area and again, I love the high leg. Also doubles up really nicely as a bodysuit!

Size: 12

2. Lounge Swim

If I had to choose a swimwear brand solely on the looks front, it would definitely be Lounge Swim! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lounge Underwear in general, and their Swim collection is no different. I’ve only tried one item from it, but if I had the funds I would definitely go back and treat myself to another! I love the range of bright colours; just looking at them all makes me feel Summery! On a side note, the blossom and triangle underwear sets are also amazing (the blossom set is underwired AND comes in actual bra sizes up to a G cup).

Also, the Swim range is HEAVILY discounted at the moment, so if your size is in stock, I would highly recommend (unfortunately, most of the styles and all the larger sizes are pretty much gone currently – not sure if a restock is planned).

This bikini isn’t underwired, so it’s not quite as supportive, but if you’re just looking to laze around in the garden or at the beach it’s a perfect option! I love the pop of red and the fact that it’s a lil bit cheeky. 😉 It feels a lot like the triangle underwear set, actually!

Top size: Large
Bottom size: Medium

Only a little short post this week I know and BASICALLY just an excuse to post more bikini pics, but I just fancied doing something Summery to get into the spirits. If any of my fellow big-boobie bros have any other great bikini recommendations please let me know! Also if you’ve tried either of the brands I’ve mentioned I’d be interested to know what you think, too!

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