A Day in The Life of a Freelance Writer

Planning my day in my Passion Planner
My morning planning setup

For week three of my freelancing-focused month of blog posts, I thought it might be nice to do a little ‘day-in-the-life’ post! Before I started freelancing myself, I had no idea what it would actually be like in practice, so there was definitely a bit of a leap of faith into the unknown.

A year down the line, I’ve figured out a pretty consistent daily routine that helps me to be my most productive (and happy) self. When you work remotely, it’s important to have the discipline to motivate yourself and ensure your days are structured well. I actually love this as with no-one to answer to, you get the flexibility to work in the way YOU find most effective!

So, here is what my typical day looks like:

6.00-6.30am: Get up and plan day using my Passion Planner

6.30-7am: Chores around the house, cleaning etc.

7am-8am: Breakfast and watch the news (not Piers Morgan obv)

8am-8.30am: Do skincare, get dressed and put on light makeup. I like to wear a little makeup and jewellery when I’m working, even if I’m in my joggers and a hoodie – it helps me feel more ‘put together’ and productive.

8.30am-9am: Take pictures for Instagram. As I promote my lifestyle blog and freelance writing on social media, I like to keep my Instagram updated with good quality pictures that follow a loose theme. I tend to take my pictures at this time because I like the morning sunlight.

9am-10.30am: Complete a Fiverr job. Usually if I have a Fiverr (or any other) writing job to do, I will get this done first. I like to get projects delivered to clients as early as possible, and I’m most productive in the morning so try to get the hardest tasks out the way first.

10.30am-11.30pm: Write blog post. I tend to do this on a Monday, but it sometimes varies. In the mornings I like to work for a few hours straight as it’s my most productive time period. Once I stop for my first break, my productivity slowly starts to decline.

11.30am-12pm: Coffee break

12pm-12.30pm: Revise Fiverr order. Sometimes clients ask for revisions to their orders, which tend not to take very long, so I might slot something like this in before lunch.

12.30pm-1.30pm: Lunch. Usually something unimaginative like a wrap or pasta and sauce.

1.30pm-2.30pm: Updating freelancing networks. I like to make sure my Fiverr/other profiles are kept up to date all the time, so this might include creating a new gig, editing an old one or adding details to my profile.

2.30pm-4.30pm: Schedule pins for the week. I try to schedule my Pinterest pins at the start of every week. Most of these are my own blog posts, as Pinterest is a key platform for blog traffic. Pin scheduling can be quite time consuming as it involves creating graphics on Canva then scheduling and writing captions. It’s not my favourite job and I will admit I do neglect this task some weeks if I’m feeling lazy.

4.30pm-6pm: Take Cleo for a walk. Walking is my go-to exercise at the moment whilst I can’t go to the gym, so I try to get out 4 or 5 days a week. Sometimes they’re just a few miles and sometimes they’re a bit longer, depending on my mood and what else I have planned!

6pm-7pm: Bath and post blog. I often post my blog to the socials when I’m in the bath, as I prepare all my posts earlier in the day when writing the post. Not sure why I do this, it just seems to work out that I want a bath at 6 but also like to post my blog at 6!

7pm-8pm: Tea (or *dinner*, depending on your geographical location). Again, usually something basic – I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food. If I’m not hungry I sometimes don’t have a ‘meal’, but just graze on snacks throughout the evening instead.

8pm-9.30pm: Chill time! Usually consists of watching a movie, looking at clothes online or just scrolling social media. Recently I’ve also started to enjoy drawing, so I might do this as well!

9.30pm-10pm: Read. I’m a VERY slow reader, and it takes me months to finish one book, but it’s something I enjoy doing to wind down nonetheless.

10pm: Sleep. I like to get to sleep early when I can to ensure I get a full 8 hours in bed.

Now, do not get me wrong, this is my ideal day, and probably only about 25% of my days actually end up being this productive! I often get up later than 6.30am, go to bed later than 10pm, stop working at 2pm etc. It’s important to remember that not every day is going to be the most productive and that this is actually completely fine and normal!

I hope this can be useful as an insight for anyone considering venturing into the freelancing world. I’d also be interested to hear from any other freelancers on how you structure your days, to see how they compare to mine and maybe get some new ideas!

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