5 ways to Boost Your Fiverr Profile

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Fiverr is a platform through which freelancers can connect with clients and sell their services. As a freelance writer, Fiverr has always been my main source of income, and in the year I’ve spent on the site I’ve learnt a few lessons on how to maximise your profile to its full potential.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to get more sales through Fiverr:

  1. Take tests. Fiverr tests are an easy way to show potential buyers that you are trustworthy and have the skills required to complete their project to a good standard. The tests are just 40 minute multiple choice quizzes, and if you pass this will show up on your profile. There are a variety of tests you can take based on what your area is; I have passed tests in Content Writing, English language, Freelance Writing, Article and Blog Writing and English Skills. Scoring well shows buyers that you really do have the skills you say you do, which is super important.
  2. Add gig videos. I’ll admit I only actually got round to this recently, but I definitely think it’s made a difference. I’ve even had buyers comment that my enthusiasm in the video helped them to choose me. A gig video is one of those things that just gives you an edge; if a buyer is choosing between two equivalent freelancers – one who has a video and one who doesn’t, they’re probably going to choose the one who does. Above all else, I think having a gig video helps you to come across as more trustworthy. It gives people the opportunity to see that you are a ‘real’ person and to get a feel for your personality and commitment to producing a great service.
  3. Be responsive. This is actually probably the most important out of everything. Responsiveness is valued hugely by Fiverr and you can’t level up (and may even level down) if you are not super responsive to messages! It’s absolutely vital to keep that percentage up and reply to all messages in a timely manner. Even if it’s just “Hi, I’ve finished working for the evening now but will send you a quote over in the morning”, make sure to always send something to keep those figures in your favour.
  4. Set the right price. I’m not sure about other industries, but in content writing there are huge variations in prices depending on a freelancer’s niche, skills and qualifications, so your price can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. However, it’s important to do a bit of research and make sure you’re offering a competitive price compared with others of a similar skill level or who are offering a similar service to yours. Fiverr is full of freelancers, so if there is a cheaper option that you aren’t providing anything more than, you may lose customers. If you’d like some more detail guidance on setting your rates as a freelance writer, you can read my blog post from a few weeks ago here.
  5. Accumulate positive reviews. Of course you don’t have complete control over this, but there are ways to maximise the chances of a client leaving a great review. Make sure you communicate with them well throughout the project and always be polite and professional. Go above and beyond for your clients as it’s these little extras they will remember; perhaps give them an additional free revision if it’s something small, or deliver the work a few days earlier than they’re expecting. It’s worth going that extra mile, not only for the reviews but because it truly feels so good when a customer is really happy with the service you’ve provided.

So there we have my top 5 tips on boosting your Fiverr profile and getting more sales! Let me know if you have any more tips that I could use myself – I’m always looking to enhance my profile!

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