Preparing for a New Month as a Freelancer

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I can’t believe that it’s nearly the end of June – and my freelancing-focused month – already! Planning and preparation is a huge aspect of managing your time as a freelancer, so I thought it would be a fitting subject to end the month on.

Not only in my freelancing life, but in general, I am a fan of having a big cleanse at the end of each month and setting out a solid plan for the month ahead. It really helps keep me focused, motivated and productive. Here is a quick overview of how I organise the business side of my life at the beginning of each month!

  1. Fill out my planner. To be honest, my Passion Planner is my holy grail and most of my planning and preparation revolves around it! The first thing I like to do is go to my monthly view and fill in any commitments/deadlines/birthdays/days out etc. This really helps me get a good overall view of what my month is going to look like before getting too specific.
  2. Set goals and focuses. This is probably my favourite part! I’m a huge goal-setter and love to have these written down on paper; somehow this makes them seem more real and doable. Again I use my Passion Planner to set out a few personal and career goals to ultimately work towards throughout the month. Work wise, this might be how much I want to earn or a milestone I want to achieve, for example.
  3. Sort emails. I *try* to keep on top of emails throughout the month, but I’m not always the best at it. Don’t get me wrong, I usually manage to keep my immediate inbox at a pretty low number, but at the end of the month I find it really useful to go through deleting, replying to or filing any emails I have neglected. On a side note, sorting emails into folders is such a good habit and one I’d highly recommend starting if it’s not something you do already! This way, when an email is attended to but you don’t want to delete it, it can be filed away rather than cluttering up your inbox. I have folders like “uni”, “Fiverr”, “blog” and “receipts”, for example.
  4. Plan blog posts. I do this religiously as I like to have at least a rough schedule in place for my blog, rather than relying on ‘inspiration’ at the last minute. I find planning my blog posts carefully at the beginning of the month helps them flow better and be more varied. It’s also useful if I want to get my head around writing a blog post to coincide with a specific event or occasion.
  5. Reflect. Believe it or not, reflecting on the month just gone is really useful when planning for a new one. I like to spend even just ten minutes thinking about what went well this month, what made me happy and what I’d like to improve upon going forwards. My Passion Planner has a great section with prompts at the end of each month for doing this, but you can use whatever medium you like!

What do you do at the end of the month to help you stay positive and focused going forward?

I hope you have enjoyed my month of freelancing diaries! I’ve really loved diving a bit deeper into the subject with a year of experience now under my belt, but I’m also super excited to write about some different topics next month.

See you in July!

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