Mal Paper Planner: 5 Simple Sections to Transform Your Life!

It’s no secret that I’m a bit planner-obsessed, and having tried many of the big names in planning, I like to see myself as a bit of a planner veteran. So when the fresh and exciting brand Mal Paper reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their “Daily Goal Setter”, I jumped at the opportunity!

Let’s take a look through the range of sections included in the Mal Paper Daily Goal setter, and I’ll let you know exactly what I think of each and how they have impacted on my life and work.

  1. “How to use” guide. Right at the start of the planner, there is a detailed chapter dedicated to how to use the planner to its full potential. This details how to set effective goals, how to integrate gratitude into your morning and evening routines, and how to use the planner’s famous ABCDE method (more on this later!) I think this section is really nice and useful, especially to those who are newbies to planning and gratitude journaling – it gives a great overview of the whole process.
  2. Long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. The next section consists of a generous number of pages to set out your long, medium and short-term goals. I’ll admit, I haven’t got round to filling in this section myself as I already had my goals written down elsewhere, but I should definitely use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my goals and where I’m at with them!
  3. Monthly review section. Next up is the Mal Paper’s ‘monthly review’ section, which is essentially a really nice way to see your month at a glance. I really like having monthly view sections, and generally use them to plan my blog posts as well as any significant plans or events I have coming up during the month. As the planner is undated, you do have to fill in the days yourself, and the only thing I would say here is to make sure you start right at the beginning of the monthly layout! I wrote my first month starting on (for example) a Saturday on the 6th box across, as a regular calendar would. Unfortunately, I ran out of boxes – so make sure to keep this in mind!
  4. Weekly review section. Next up is the weekly review section. This is a great place to set out a rough direction for the week ahead (it’s a really nice task to complete on a Sunday evening!) On your weekly review page, there is space to plan your five most important tasks of the week, tasks of secondary importance and additional tasks. There is also a space to review your week at the bottom. This is a really effective way to start prioritising your tasks right from the get-go.
  5. Daily pages. The daily pages are my absolute favourite part of the Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter! In the few weeks that I’ve been using the planner, the daily pages have really become a staple of my morning routine, and have been especially lifesaving now I’m getting busier with my freelancing. The daily pages have space for “3 things to be grateful for” each morning, followed by a daily affirmation, which is a really nice positive way to start the day. You’re then given a space for your to-do list using Mal Paper’s great “ABCDE” task importance system, where A=must do today, B=should do today, C=optional task, D=delegate and E=does not matter if not completed today. Organisation and prioritisation of tasks are both absolutely key as a freelancer, and I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without my Mal Paper planner to help me!
Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter planner

Aside from the abundance of great substance in this planner, it is super high-quality and aesthetic with a very reasonable price tag! I would highly recommend the Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter to anyone, but I think it would be especially those who are new to the world of gratitude journaling and planning.

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Mal Paper Planner (which, by the way, is completely undated – so you can buy at anytime), head over to their website by clicking here.

NOTE: Product was gifted to me in exchange for a review, but I was under no obligation for said review to be positive!

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