5 Reasons to Invest in a Passion Planner for the new Academic Year!

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Passion Planner decorative monthly spread.
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For myself and all of my fellow students, the new 20/21 academic year is upon us. After a strange end to the previous year, getting our heads back in the game and re-focusing on learning under unfamiliar new circumstances is bound to be a bit of a challenge.

Throughout the Summer, my Passion Planner has been integral in everything from my work productivity as a freelancer, and even in scheduling much-needed time for self-care. When I go back at Uni, keeping those motivation levels high will continue to be of utmost importance.

Even with the range of planning apps available nowadays, there really is something special about putting pen to paper and using a traditional planner. I had been using Passion Planner well before I became a brand ambassador, and I truly believe my planner has been integral in my journey towards my mental, physical and career goals.

Here are just a few ways that your Passion Planner will help you be your best this academic year!

Plan your goals using the Passion Roadmap. The ‘Passion Roadmap’ allows you to set out your biggest short, medium and long-term goals and, most importantly, figure out a plan of action to reach them! The new academic year is a great time to set some big goals and spark up the motivation we need for the semester (and the rest of our Uni journey!)

Passion Planner passion roadmap spread.
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See your month and deadlines at a glance with monthly view. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love being able to quickly check over the month ahead at a glance. As soon as I get my deadlines at the start of each semester, I always make sure to write them straight into my monthly view. This helps me prioritise assessments correctly and make sure that none need to be completed in a last-minute rush! Writing in special occasions like birthdays or other events also helps me to make plan around these effectively and avoid stress.

Passion Planner monthly layout.
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Practice time blocking to get the most from each day. Time-blocking is one of the most valuable productivity hacks I have ever learnt. Luckily, this is super easy to do with the Passion Planner weekly layout, which allows you to plan each day by the hour. Easily schedule in your lectures or classes and other commitments at the beginning of each week (I like to include this in my Sunday routine) and slot everything else you need to do around them. Also, this is a PERFECT opportunity to indulge in some colour coding!

Passion Planner weekly spread.
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Reflect on each month and set goals for the month ahead. I find filling in my Passion Planner monthly reflection page and writing down a few goals for the month ahead is a really nice way of setting myself up for a positive start to each new month. It really is valuable to take some time to reflect each month and focus on what you need to do to progress further going forward.

Monthly reflection page.
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Prioritise tasks for the week. As a busy student, having a good grasp on prioritising your most important tasks is super important. Your Passion Planner weekly spread provides space to write down your tasks in order of priority each week, which is really useful to avoid procrastinating the bigger jobs or becoming overwhelmed!

I am so looking forward to continuing using my Passion Planner in an academic setting to help me get that perfect balance of business, education, goal-getting and me-time!

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Also, if you have any questions of Passion Planner or my planning routine, please feel free to get in touch at anytime!

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