PCOS Weight Loss Journey: August Progress Check

PCOS weight loss journey transformation picture
This time last year vs now – 20lbs lighter.

As September is PCOS awareness month, I wanted to take some time in my August progress check to reflect on how my PCOS weight loss journey has improved my symptoms.

First of all, if you’re new here, you can take a look at my PCOS diagnosis journey here!

Following my diagnosis with PCOS at the beginning of this year, I was more determined than ever before to lose some weight. Weight gain is one of the key symptoms of PCOS, and losing weight is often reccommended as a first line of treatment for the condition.

Although I had considered it, I decided that I wanted to manage my PCOS as naturally as possible and without using medications like metformin or the birth control pill.

Losing weight seemed like the first thing to try, however I had notoriously struggled massively with doing this for three years. At the beginning of lockdown, I decided to seize this chance to work on myself. I had well and truly had enough of my symptoms, and was willing to try anything to make myself feel better.

I went about things very simply and approached weight loss much differently to how I had done in the past – here is an overview of the process.

PCOS weight loss journey

So, as of the end of August, I have lost 20lbs in total since the beginning of lockdown, and I honestly feel better than ever. I was sceptical to say the least as to whether I would see an improvement in my PCOS symptoms, but without a doubt, I have.

Most notably, for the past two months I have had a regular menstrual cycle of ‘normal’ length (28 days and 30 days)! I have not had a cycle shorter than about 40 days in years, and am well used to going 6 months or more without seeing a period at all. It might seem weird to celebrate having more periods but, for me, this symbolises the fact that my body is healing and developing a healthier rhythm.

PCOS tends to involve irregular periods due to a lack of successful ovulation. Being in a more regular cycle indicates that something may be going right in that department where it hasn’t been for a while, which is definitely a huge win!

In myself, I generally feel happier and much less sluggish. At my heaviest weight, it’s difficult to explain exactly how I felt, but everything was just “off”. I felt sluggish and tired all the time, bloated, my skin conditions were flared up (dermatitis and acne) and my hair was limp, lifeless and incredibly greasy all the time.

Since getting this far on my PCOS weight loss journey, my skin problems are much improved (though still something I have to work on). But more than anything else, I feel so much LIGHTER. Not just because I’m physically lighter, but because I’m so much more full of energy, motivated and that sluggish and bloated feeling has disappeared completely.

Skin progress!

I’m absolutely over the moon with the changes I’ve made so far, and have now started looking ahead to how I want my fitness journey to look in the future.

My aim for the rest of the year is to continue losing weight until mid-October, and then work on body re-composition until I leave Uni for Christmas. I’m so eager to get back in the gym and building muscle, and since I have absolutely zero muscle right now, I think recomp may be doable!

But for now, the plan is keep doing what I’m doing for a little longer. It’s so nice to reflect on how things are going each month and take some time to look at the bigger picture. It’s very easy to get caught up in the here-and-now; what exercise I did last week or what I ate today, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

After years of battling with my weight and undiagnosed health issues I have finally managed to make real and noticeable changes, and I honestly could not be prouder.

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