PCOS Weight Loss Journey: September Progress Check

Weight loss journey before and after.
Weight loss progress!

After two weeks away from blogging due to the move back to uni, I’m FINALLY back with a weight loss journey update!

So honestly this month I don’t really have much to report. Since the end of August, my weight has stayed pretty much consistent, but I’m not freaking out about this.

I’m around 5lbs away from my target weight and I anticipated from the start that when I got close things would likely level off a little. In fact, I thought it’d happen much sooner than this and at this point, I’m feeling really happy in myself and my body!

Although I would love to lose a few more pounds, I’m not going to cut my calories down to silly numbers (as I’m pretty short, my calories have to be quite low to lose weight anyway). So the plan is to carry on as I am and hopefully very steadily get to that target.

It’s so strange looking back to when I made the decision to embark on this weight loss journey back in April because to be honest, I didn’t think in a million years I would succeed or stick it out. After all, I’ve set out to lose weight MANY times over the past few years!

But 5 months later I feel so much happier and more confident in my body. There are definitely a few changes I’ve noticed in myself both physically and mentally, but one I actually didn’t expect is that I’ve become even more in love with little beauty habits.

For example, I’ve recently started enjoying tanning regularly, and even just doing all the prep and taking care of my skin is so much more enjoyable now I am content in my body.

As ever, I want to make it clear that I by no means think that being heavier is inherently ‘bad’ and I loved myself before this journey, too. But for me, losing weight was the path I needed to take to feel more confident and healthy, particularly from a PCOS perspective (although this doesn’t work for everyone).

On that note, I have now had 3 (THREE) kind-of-regular periods in the past 3 months!!! This is actually such a big deal for me, because getting my periods back into some sort of semi-normal cycle was one of my biggest hopes for losing weight. Before I lost weight, I’d be lucky if I had 6 every year and they were always completely unpredictable.

I had decided on going back to the gym, but as I’m hopefully going to be moving back home pretty soon and don’t have a car (or a gym within walking distance) I won’t be doing that anymore, so the plan for now is to essentially just keep doing what I’m doing!

This has been a short one as to be honest I didn’t have much to report apart from that all is good! I will be back next month with another fitness-y/weight loss update.

Weight loss journey progress picture.

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