Alex Art: Shop Small and Gift Your Loved ones Something Special This Christmas

This week’s post is a little different to the usual! With Christmas just around the corner, the process of preparing and shopping is looking a little different for us all.

This year more than ever, supporting small businesses during the Christmas season is an excellent idea. The pandemic has hit us all hard, and by directing your dollar to small businesses, you can guarantee that your money is going to someone who deserves it.

The benefits of shopping small for the consumer are endless, too; nothing can beat personalised service from someone who actually cares about the product they’re delivering!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to an incredible small business ran by one of my best friends, Alex McCusker-Stevenson.

Aside from being a full-time humous enthusiast, hockey lover and Fine Art student, Alex somehow finds the time to create beautiful art commissions. In fact, you may remember this painting she did for me of my cat, Jasper.

Painting of Jasper

Alex describes her style as loose, her aim being to express life within her paintings. I can only agree with this – my painting of Jasper captured his spirit so perfectly it actually took my breath away the first time I saw it.

Over the years, Alex has turned her hand to a range of themes within her paintings, from pieces inspired by her work in South Africa, right through to picturesque seascapes, landscapes and pet portraits.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, or something for a birthday or special occasion in the future, Alex’s paintings are crafted with love, attention to detail and a true passion for creating artwork.

From a personal perspective, what I love most about Alex’s style is its individuality. It truly is unique, and her work is instantly recognisable as her own.

Does your loved one have a beloved pet, or even a particular location that means something to them? What could be more special than treating them to a bespoke painting, reminding them each day of something they love?

You can take a look at just a few of my favourite paintings by my multi-talented friend below, and head over to her Etsy shop for more information on pricing and delivery!

(Get in quick to get your painting for Christmas – limited space available!!)

Discover more on Alex’s art and journey over at her website,

And be sure to show her some love and follow her Facebook page here, and Instagram here!

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