Lockdown Dragging up Old Feelings? It’s ok, me too.

Shop window sign saying "sorry we're closed" for lockdown

You know I will always be honest about my mental health – I think being candid is important. And I’m going to be honest, we ain’t doing too well at the moment.

Lockdown is definitely having an effect I didn’t foresee. Because I live my life now pretty free from the challenges that I once faced, I often forget that those things are still very much a part of me, and that those little pills I take every day still serve a purpose.

Recently, my anxiety levels have been through the roof. I’ve been having intrusive thoughts and have reverted to a very anxious way of thinking that I haven’t experienced in a few years now.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar position, I think it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Lockdown is something we have never experienced before, and the effects it would have were completely unknown. After a year of being stuck in the house with nothing but our own thoughts, it’s not surprising that people are being affected.

This week, I just wanted to post that little reminder. I haven’t been in the best creative headspace for blogging – but I’m still here, and when I’m ready I will absolutely be back stronger than ever before!

Sending love and hugs <3


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