New Month, New Season, New Goals…

Picture of Elise to signify new goals.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love any opportunity to set new goals and get a fresh start. Mondays, the 1st day of a month and New Year are some of my absolute favourite times. Don’t even get me started on that year when New Year’s Day – which is also my birthday – fell on a Monday (*amazing*).

If I’m honest, the past few months have been weird for me. I’ve not been unhappy, but I’ve been feeling quite anxious, a bit down in the dumps and motivation has been low. I honestly think it’s a cumulative effect of the stress and uncertainty the past year or so has brought.

But with a new academic year just around the corner, I thought what better time to start afresh? So I got my Passion Planner and journal out, and thought about what new goals I could set to get myself back on a positive track. So here’s the plan!

  • Sort out my sleep schedule. I’ve seriously been bad at this recently. When I was a teenager, I was a terrible insomniac, so I learnt a thing or two about sleep and how to help myself sleep well. This involved a fairly rigid sleep schedule, which I got into a very good habit of. Unfortunately, things have slipped a bit this summer; I’ve found myself napping during the day, staying up late and getting up later than I would like to. Steadily getting back into a 10.30pm-6.30am sleep routine is at the top of my list, as is practising good sleep hygiene like reading before bed and putting down my phone.
  • Get moving daily. Dragging myself outside and going for a walk always makes me feel better, but I haven’t been doing it as much as I’d like to recently. My target for September is just to get 35k steps in each week (around 5k per day), because for me the most important thing is just getting a good dose of fresh air.
  • Decide what to do for my dissertation. Which I have been overthinking for the entire summer (it happens to the best of us, right?) I’ve found choosing a research topic way harder than I though I would. I think it’s because I don’t have a specific psychology-based career I want go into, so there isn’t really an ‘obvious’ choice. And there are a range of subjects I find interesting, which then comes with the added complication of being worried about committing to the wrong choice. So, one of my goals for before the beginning of the semester is to at least settle on an idea, even if I’m not fully there with what I’m going to do/how I’m going to research it. I actually already made a good start with this yesterday, so am feeling positive about this one!
  • Meditate/journal every morning. This habit is so powerful in setting me up for a good day, but if I’m in a rush, it’s the first thing to go. I definitely need to start treating my meditation and journaling time as an essential, sacred part of my morning, rather than something that can be added when I “have time”.
  • Focus on focus! For a few years now, I’ve sworn by using the Forest app to track my focus time. It helps me to stop scrolling, put my phone down and concentrate on what I need to be doing, for however long I need to be doing it for. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as successful with this in recent months, and this lack of deep focus means I feel like I’m working a lot, but am actually achieving much less than usual (frustrating!) Implementing routine and committing to deep focus should help with this and leave me with a greater sense of satisfaction when the work is done. Getting that daily meditation in should help with this, too.

Do you have any brand new goals for the month ahead? I’d love to hear them!

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